This site,, was created with the help of Bill (Riebsame) Travis, who urged me to move ahead with a web collection. Many thanks to Sarah Leshan and Ami Nacu-Schmidt at the University of Colorado’s Center for Science and Technology Policy Research, for their efforts to build the site. The project had its origins in collections of my work at Clark University’s Jeanne X. Kasperson Library in Clark University’s George Perkins Marsh Institute. Thanks to: Mimi Berberian, Robert Johnston, Naomi Martin, and Arvins Susarla. Clark plans to create a full digital archive in the near future. Wade Shepard ( was instrumental in gathering material and organizing the content.

Thanks also to B.L. Turner and James Buizer at Arizona State University for their support and encouragement.

Finally, my grateful thanks to friends, colleagues, and institutions, including now 120 co-authors and co-editors, and the many publishers and editors who saw my work into print.

Bob Kates passed away April 21, 2018. For six decades Bob pioneered environment and society scholarship, on weighty matters such as climate change, nuclear winter, hunger, and, at the start, flooding.

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Appreciation for a 1962 dissertation and its author, Robert Kates (1929-2018)


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